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We Educate African Sisters, Improving Their Ability To Serve Their Communities.

While Africa is a continent of vast potential, it faces serious obstacles of poverty, chronic hunger, disease, ecological degradation and violence. Often referred to as nuns, Catholic sisters are a strong force in addressing Africa's challenges head-on and creating hope for a bright future.

Educated sisters are able to impact more people and make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals in Africa.

Why Educate a Catholic Sister?

Catholic nuns in Africa are using their education to solve some of the biggest development challenges our world is facing today. When a sister is educated, it positively impacts all of the people she serves. Educated sisters use their education to:

The impact they are making in communities across Africa is both admirable and heroic. At ASEC, we've learned that if you give a sister the tools to succeed, she's going to change the world.

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