Our Programs

Learn about ASEC's four flagship programs

Our fight against extreme poverty happens in the most vulnerable communities across Africa. Sisters serve in communities that are geographically difficult to reach, lack adequate infrastructure for community development and suffer from harsh climates, war, natural disasters, disease and violence. Sisters courageously seek out the overlooked and advocate for the underserved. They are called to go to the hard places. We are called to give them the tools to make a bigger impact.

Our programs at African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) are always evolving; molding to fit the specific needs of Sisters working in the rural and poor communities of sub-Saharan Africa.

ASECs programs:

Sisters Theresia, Felicia and Evelyn busy taking notes during a site visit to the SHUMAS BiofarmSisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI)

SLDI provides Sisters with technology, administration and finance training through one month workshops over three years. Through SLDI, Sisters gain the practical skills and confidence to build strong networks and take up leadership roles in their congregations and communities (Since 2007).

Sistesr in ASEC's HESA program working together on the computerHigher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA)

HESA provides opportunities for Sisters to access diploma, undergraduate and master’s level education. HESA is delivered through partnerships with higher education institutions in Africa and online in the USA (Since 2013).

ASEC's Scholarship ProgamThe Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program bridges the gap to higher education for Sisters in Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Ghana by providing two-year scholarships to complete secondary school or higher education credentials relevant to their ministries (Since 2012).

ASEC's service learning programService Learning

Students and Sisters from ASEC founding institutions participate in annual 3-week Service Trips to Africa. Accompanied by mentors, U.S. participants and are immersed in a wide range of service opportunities, serving side-by-side with African Sisters (Since 2008).

Sr. Florence Emurayeveya, EHJ, Nigeria, Visiting ScholarResearch Initiative

The Research Initiative aims to fill the research gap in the area of Catholic Sisters in Africa, increase the research skills of African Sisters, provide opportunities for Sisters to engage in research projects and develop ASEC as a central repository of data related to women religious in Africa.

Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) workshop in CameroonInstitutional Capacity Building (ICB)

Housed under SLDI, ICB supports the internal strength and the external service of National Conferences/Associations and congregations in Africa as they strive to positively impact human development. In the ICB program, ASEC collaborates with Institutions of Women Religious to strengthen systems and improve the vitality and vibrancy of women religious in Africa (Since 2019).