How Cheshire Homes is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Sr. Clarina outlines how managing Cheshire Homes is contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty, Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education and Climate Action.

I am Sr. Clarina Ndona and have just finished track one of the SLDI program in Leadership and Administration.  Expressing gratitude and joy for the different skills I have acquired in just a month, I would like to outline how the project I am managing is contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Being in charge of the Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia in Livingstone, there are times when we hold workshops for different groups and answer emails from people. The knowledge and skills I gained will strengthen my ability to do this even more.

SLDI Administration students from Zambia take field trip to Kasisi
SLDI Administration students from Zambia take field trip to Kasisi Agriculture training centre.

I came to SLDI program with minimal knowledge on using some programs on the computer. I never knew how to use Powerpoint and filling out surveys online was my first experience when I joined the program. Now I can use Powerpoint and I can answer questions online without any problems.

I am a shy person who wouldn’t stand in public and present or talk to a group, but now I am happy to say that I have gained confidence in public speaking and this will enhance the project I am managing for the congregation.

SLDI Administration students from Zambia take a group photo
SLDI Administration students from Zambia pose for a group photo.

I am grateful for the inspiration on servant leadership, especially the knowledge gained in this past month. It is a success in itself because it will help me in the day to day running of my program. As a leader, I am aware of the responsibility entrusted to me to take good care of the people I work with. They all have different characters and personalities.

I feel that the project is contributing to the UN’s agenda for 2030, in the following way:

SDG 1. No Poverty

We try to empower the women whose children are at our centre and have various disabilities. We have allowed them to make dolls to sell in order to raise funds for themselves and their children. They do this in our centre and we give them K500.00 to set up a small business and then pass the money to another person after three months. This is aimed at curbing poverty so that these women can be stable and independent. Some of the women are doing very well.  Through their small businesses, they have been able to pay for their children’s school.

SDG 3. Good Health and Well-Being

The topic on stress opened me up. The exercises we were doing help to prevent some of the diseases. The good eating habits lesson will help me to stay healthy and choosing the right foods will help in the maintenance of wellness.

The field visit to Kasisi Agriculture training centre was timely and helpful. We learned to avoid certain methods in organic farming. We have already started disseminating information on the improvement and management of organic soil fertility so that people can gain skills and for the sustainable production of safe, high quality and healthy nutrition.

SDG 4. Quality Education

We are advocating for inclusion of education for all children despite their belief, color, sex and ability. Our children with disabilities are also included in mainstream school where they are learning with other children. Even if there are still challenges, the process is started and we are still advocating for it.

SDG 13. Climate Action

We sensitise the community around us in the topics of avoiding cutting down trees, water and air pollution, and proper disposal of waste. We keep our environment clean, encouraging the community to plant trees and grass and care for the environment


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This article is addressing the following UN Sustainable Development Goal(s):

End poverty in all its forms everywhere Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Sr. Clarina Ndona, LSSF

Sr. Clarina Ndona, LSSF
SLDI Participant - Zambia  

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