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Marywood University

ASEC Partnership with Marywood University

Location: USA
Scranton, PA
Start Year: 1999

Marywood University is one of ASEC's eight founding institutions and offers online programs for HESA students studying at:

  • The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya
  • University of Kisubi, Uganda
  • Zambia Catholic University. 

The HESA program, especially the online-onsite model, serves sisters who are commonly considered "non-traditional." Sisters entering the Marywood online-onsite cohorts average age is 39 years, with a range of 21 years to 65 years.

Sisters often choose the online-onsite model in order to continue serving in their ministries throughout their online studies. Many Marywood online-onsite students are teaching in schools and studying simultaneously. Time management is essential to their success and is a skill explicitly taught at HESA Workshops.

Read about Marywood University in the 2020 HESA Phase II Online-Onsite Cohorts Evaluation Report (PDF)

Marywood University is associated with ASEC founding congregation, the Sisters Servants of Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM).

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