From Computer Illiterate to Empowered Accounts Manager

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Sr. Faustina and her SLDI Finance track classmates take a field trip to a nearby sustainable farm in Uganda.

Find out how Sr. Faustina Khaoya is using her ASEC-sponsored education to help revamp her congregation's economy.

Every story has a lesson to be learned which brings wonder to the reader’s mind. Sr. Faustina Khaoya’s story from is no different.

Sr. Faustina enjoyed working with her congregation, the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Uganda; however, she had difficulties in some areas that prevented her from getting as involved as she wanted to be.

“I was computer illiterate,” said Sr. Faustina. “Book work was breaking my spirit.”

Sr. Faustina soon received an chance of a life time. She was given the opportunity to begin studying basic computer technology and finance because of ASEC’s Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI). Sr. Faustina said she has seen a dramatic difference in her work since finishing the programs.

“Since I learned the basic computer skills, I am now managing accounts by use of a computer,” said Sr. Faustina. “My work now looks smart, neat, accurate and presentable.”

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Sr. Faustina (right) learning how to use the computer in SLDI's Basic Technology workshop (May, 2016).

Sr. Faustina (right) learning how to use the computer in SLDI's Basic Technology workshop (May, 2016).

Now Sr. Faustina is able to manage the accounts of two schools in Uganda, St. Kizito Kikyusa Primary School and Holy Cross SSS Kikyusa in Kasana Luwero Diocese. Sr. Faustina says without the knowledge she received from the program this would have been impossible.

Sr. Faustina has even used her knowledge to help other religious women in the congregation by teaching them basic computer skills and account management. She even uses the computer to help teach her fellow religious sisters more about current events throughout the world.

However, Sr. Faustina’s story doesn’t end there. Through her ASEC sponsored education she was able to learn about project proposal writing. The program’s instructors encouraged her and other religious sisters enrolled in the program to write as many project proposals as they could to help develop the economic status of the congregations.

Sr. Faustina (4th from left) with all of her SLDI Finance Track classmates. They support one another and have formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

Sr. Faustina (4th from left) with all of her SLDI Finance Track classmates. They support one another and have formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

The encouragement from her instructors inspired her two write two project proposals that were successfully funded. The first project was for the construction of a hostel for young girls in one of the congregation’s schools where Sr. Faustina works.

The second project proposal was for the construction of a piggery project that would help with community sustainability. The Koch Foundation answered the proposal with a donation of $12,500. Although the project has not started yet Sr. Faustina has great hopes for what this project can provide for not only the congregation but for the surrounding community.

“Being in a remote area, I see many possibilities of using this project to help our community learn pig keeping so that they too can do something in their homes as a source of income for their families,” said Sr. Faustina. “I also plan to use the project as a teaching tool to offer the congregation’s student an opportunity to learn a new skill.”

Sr. Faustina, is only one of the many religious sisters across Africa that has received an ASEC sponsored education. She embodies the ASEC spirit by not only having the drive to further her education but by also taking the initiative to help others in her surrounding community the same skills she was fortunate enough to learn. Imagine if every religious sister in Africa had the same opportunity. The possibilities would be endless and more religious sisters could have a joyful story to tell just like Sr. Faustina.

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Sr. Faustina Khaoya, SCSC

Sr. Faustina Khaoya, SCSC
Profiled in article
SLDI Participant, Finance Track (2016-2018) - Uganda  

Briana Ryan

Briana Ryan
ASEC Web Content Intern, 2018-19 - USA  

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