SLDI participants in Nigeria take educational field trips as part of training

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sisters pose for a group photo in front of the NIPPS Centre of Excellence for Political Parties Studies. With the sisters are Mr. Yakubu Ishaya Labbo, Assistant Chief Executive Officer Protocol (wearing tan) and Mr. Ayuba Yohanna, Executive Officer, Special Duty (wearing blue).

Sisters attending the SLDI Nigeria Administration I Workshop in Jos take educational field trips to the National Institute of Political and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) and Tenti Green Farm.

National Institute of Political and Strategic Studies (NIPSS)

On June 23, 2017, the Sisters went on an educational visit to the National Institute of Political and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), in Kuru, Plateau State, Nigeria. 27 sisters attending the SLDI Nigeria Administration I Workshop in Jos along with Sr. Clare Abisola Adelakun, DHS, ASEC Programs Coordinator Nigeria, and Sr. Clementina Obembe, OSF, ASEC Regional Director West Africa, participated in the the field trip. About 60 schools and 16 institutions have previously visited NIPSS on educational excursions.

Mr. Yakubu Ishaya Labbo, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Protocol and Mr. Aybua Yohanna, Executive Officer-Special Duty, welcomed the sisters. During an interactive session, Mr. Labbo explained to the sisters in detail the objectives and activities of NIPSS. The idea for the institute came after the Nigeria Civil War. Due to the creation of states and local governments, there were many fractions in the country. So, General Olusegun Obansanjo, the former Head of State, constituted an 11 man committee led by Rare Admiral Aderigba. The committee traveled outside the country to perform research and submit their findings to Nigerian Head of State. With that, the Decree 20 of 1979 was promulgated into law. This led to the establishment of NIPSS and become the law of the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2004.

The vision of NIPSS is to be the apex centre of policy, research and reflection for a better Nigeria and human society. Their mission is to serve as the centre for policy, advocacy, advice and training for the Nigerian, Western and the African region in the context of a dynamic and changing world. NIPSS' motto is to work towards a better society and serves as a high level centre for reflection, research and dialogue.

NIPSS organizes senior executive courses for senior officers in Nigeria.  During the 10 months study period course participants go on three 2-week tours:

  • 2 week local tour within Nigeria
  • 2 week intercontinental tour
  • 2 week African tour

On each of the tours, research is carried out based on the current “theme” selected by NIPSS. This year’s theme is Technology and Innovation, select to increase the development of agriculture and ago-allied industries in Nigeria.

After 10 months of study, course participants are awarded Membership of National Institute (MNI). As members, they report on issues of national interest and security and share their findings in social and political publications. The sisters were given publications to take home from their visit to NIPSS.

At the end of the session sisters were able to ask questions. One sister asked if Christian Religious Studies (CRS) were incorporated into the curriculum at NIPSS. Mr. Labbo said that CRS is a “bone of contention” and the church should continue to pray about it. Sr. Perpetua Oloba, the leader of the SLDI group, thanked NIPSS for giving the sisters this opportunity. Sisters were given a tour of the premises and posed for group photos with Mr. Labbo and Mr Yohanna before leaving the institute.

Tenti Green Farm

The Sisters also visited Tenti Green Farm, Vom, Plateau State where production of vegetables is done on a large scale. Sisters were given a tour of their green house where they grow tomatoes, green paper, flowers and more. They were also shown how the plants are cared for using a computer that monitors the greenhouse.

Nigerian sisters took an educational field trip to Tenti Green Farm, Vom, Plateau State.

Nigerian sisters took an educational field trip to Tenti Green Farm, Vom, Plateau State.

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Sr. Juliana Kemi Osiyemi, EHJ

Sr. Juliana Kemi Osiyemi, EHJ
SLDI Participant, Administrative Track - Nigeria  

Sr. Chidalu Kelechi Ohalete, PHJC
SLDI Participant, Administration Track - Nigeria  

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